mi-Stock was designed to meet the needs of security and fire departments in today’s fast moving world.


Firefighters can rely on mi-Stock to confirm for certain that they have everything they need, where they need it in order to respond safely and effectively to every call.


In between events, mi-Stock helps those who manage assets knowing what has been used for the past event, how much should be reordered, how much it is worth and where everything belongs once received. Taking inventory is faster, easier and accounting discrepancies become a thing of the past. Accurate and reliable data is accessible in real time to assist decision-making. 


mi-Stock was designed with the knowledge that there are differences in procedures and regulations from one municipality to another. Hence, mi-Stock is modular and can be customized to meet various demands. mi-Stock can become a true tailor-made solution.

On top of standard functionalities, additional modules are available to further extend mi-Stock potential:

Maintenance Management Module : A complete Maintenance Management System to schedules and follow maintenances costs, manage material and part orders, suppliers, etc. 

mi-Stock Mobile = Advanced Assets Management : Expands mi-Stock basic functionnalities to manages other municipal services assets. mi-Stock becomes a wireless mobile solution that works in real time on-the-road.