:: 05/02/2013 ::
mi-stock delivers a version for construction corporations
:: 02/03/2011 ::
New agreement with a U.S.A. Partner selling to Municipalities.
:: 14/10/2010 ::
An important group of municipalities consider buying my stock to manage assets in fire department
:: 06/01/2010 ::
New ! mi-Stock Mobile

mi-Stock is an Asset Management Solution designed for Fire and Rescue Services.

Fire fighters provide an essential public service. As any other public services, essential services are put under pressure to manage more efficiently scarce resources. But unlike other departments, they and cannot afford to cut spending blindly at the risk of putting lives in danger; tools and consumables need to be replaced and critical equipement need to be repaired so that a rescue operations are not jeopardized. Bottom line; equilibrium must be found between stocks and budget and mi-Stock is the right tool to help find that equilibrium.

mi-Stock can help by :

  • Tracking equipment location, costs and key information with a unique bar code label.
  • Providing accurate and reliable inventory data by facility, by vehicule and by location
  • Setting alerts for key equipment maintenance (air tanks, gas detector, etc.)
  • Tracking inventory movement between location for borrowed equipement
  • Producing a report of inventory after an event (missing/broken item, used consumable)
See detailed functionalities.



mi-Stock is compatible with most ruggedized handheld computer and can integrated with existing system and software

mi-Stock is user-friendly, affordable and affordable.


Radio Frequency Identification
Device (RFID)


Barcode Printing System


 Modular solution